Integral Spine Treatment

Massages in ColmarIntegral spine treatment (IST) is a manual therapy of the spine that addresses spinal pains, corrections and adjustments as well as achieving overall health benefits like greater mobility, circulation of blood and energy and reducing stress levels.

The spine is a main axis and the most important part of the skeleto- muscular system of our body. In addition, the spine is a pathway and protector of a whole network of blood vessels, nerves and of spinal cord that enervate and connect every vital organ in the body.

For these reasons, we can agree with the Indian and Chinese ancient wisdom claim that a healthy spine is necessary for healthy body and spirit.

Integral Spine Treatment (IST) therefore approaches spine health, from basic “mechanic” adjustment and relieving back and neck pains up to stress relief and deep energy treatment that affects our mental and emotional states as well as subtle energy supply and flow.

In Indian yoga teachings, all psycho-energetic centers (chakras) are situated along the spine, from its base to top of the head. In Chinese and Japanese energy practices, the spine has a similar importance in free flow of vital energy or Chi.

There is a striking similarity in the workings of the parasympatic and sympatic nervous systems to the Yin and Yang cosmic forces division, Ida and Pingala energy currents in yoga and many other parallels beyond the scope of this short presentation.

The basic aim of Integral spine treatment (IST) is to relieve tensions, pains and stiffness, working on skeletal, muscular, ligament and tendon adjustments from sacrum to cranium. On a deeper level IST aims to unblock nerve pathways and balance and liberate all subtle energy pathways along the spine.

It is therefore recommended for people suffering from any kind of pain and discomfort in the spinal area as well as anybody who is under heightened stress, or feeling tiredness, energy depletion or imbalance of any kind.

It functions on its own but is also very effective as a supplement and support to other therapies or health restoring practices.

IST uses combinations of various massage techniques, stretching, adjustment and spine manipulation techniques, as well as some shiatsu and acupressure techniques to achieve its goals. In addition, when needed, a set of therapeutic exercises are given to improve and maintain spinal health and flexibility.

Treatments usually last between 45-60 minutes, the first treatment often being longer to assess and diagnose prevailing condition.

Joseph Puharich

Dipl. Medical Massage Therapist

Gsundheitshuus – Dorfstrasse 214, EG – Meilen