Shiki-Shin Yoga

Shiki-Shin Yoga in Zürich
Shiki-Shin yoga is a unique application of body movements, breathing patterns and mental absorptions aimed at unblocking, balancing and rejuvenating energy flow in our whole being.

The primary concern is of course preventing, fighting and curing various ailments and imbalances in our body-mind complex. It is deceptively simple in application but profoundly effective in benefits if practiced with sufficient discipline and determination.

Our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is becoming extremely fragile in our times due to stress and demands of our everyday challenges and duties, whether they are imposed from the outside or we impose it on ourselves.

As human beings we all desire the same things. We all want to lead healthy, fulfilled and happy lives yet more often than not wishing good for ourselves and others we end up doing things that bring more suffering and less happiness both on ourselves and our surroundings.

The wise and compassionate sages of past have left us the legacy of techniques, teachings and methods to bring back, keep and preserve our natural state of well being and happiness. This is what we deserve and what should be the goal of our lives.

One of these skillful methods is shiki-shin yoga. Its basis is profound teaching of inseparability and mutual interconnectedness of body-mind complex. It is spiritually inspired by Sino-Japanese Lotus school of buddhism and in practical application combines and relies on Indian, Chinese and Japanese systems of dynamic therapeutical movements.

“Shiki-shin funi” principle, literally meaning “body-mind not two”, is active and valid from highest enlightened states down to simplest everyday activities. Its understanding and earnest application brings back and improves health, happiness and develops our full human potential revealing the true purpose of our lives.

Shiki-shin yoga is a simple and approachable aid to achieve our worthy goals in life. It does not require super flexibility, knowledge of philosophy or other narrow physical or mental capabilities. It is open to all and works equally for all.

Finally it is something to be experienced and tasted individually.

You are cordially invited to join our classes or ask for individual lessons.